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Bus No. CW4G GP Sentral CIQ Second Link

GP Sentral

Gelang Patah Town

*CIQ 2nd Link

Singapore(Tuas Link,Jurong East,Boon Lay)

From To **Fares
GP Sentral Jurong East/Boon Lay/Tuas Link RM5.00
Taman Nusantara Jurong East/Boon Lay/Tuas Link RM4.00
Gelang Patah/Nusa Perintis Jurong East/Boon Lay/Tuas Link RM4.00
Nusa Cemerlang Jurong East/Boon Lay/Tuas Link RM4.00
CIQ 2nd Link Jurong East/Boon Lay/Tuas Link RM2.60
*Transit to CW3,CW4,CW6 to get to Singapore
*Full fare can be obtained from Lugo app (
     1   5:00AM 5:40AM
2 5:20AM 6:00AM
3 5:40AM 6:20AM
4 6:00AM 6:40AM
5 6:20AM 7:00AM
6 6:40AM 7:20AM
7 7:00AM 7:40AM
8 7:20AM 8:00AM
9 7:40AM 8:20AM
10 8:00AM 8:40AM
11 8:20AM 9:00AM
12 8:40AM 9:20AM
13 9:00AM 9:40AM
14 9:20AM 10:00AM
15 9:40AM 10:20AM
16 10:00AM 10:40AM
17 10:40AM 11:20AM
18 11:20AM 12:00PM
19 12:00PM 12:40PM
20 12:40PM 1:20PM
21 1:20PM 2:00PM
22 2:00PM 2:40PM
23 2:40PM 3:20PM
24 3:20PM 4:00PM
25 4:00PM 4:40PM
26 4:20PM 5:00PM
27 4:40PM 5:20PM
28 5:00PM 5:40PM
29 5:20PM 6:00PM
30 5:40PM 6:20PM
31 6:00PM 6:40PM
32 6:20PM 7:00PM
33 6:40PM 7:20PM
34 7:00PM 7:40PM
35 7:20PM 8:00PM
36 7:40PM 8:20PM
37 8:00PM 8:40PM
38 8:20PM 9:00PM
39 8:40PM 9:20PM
40 9:00PM 9:40PM
  *Time displayed is estimated time only and is subject to traffic condition.
  * This Bus Schedule is subject to changes