ManjaLink – Causeway Link Transportation Card

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ManjaLink Card – 4855

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Nutty (available on July 1) – 4919

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Fuzzy (available on August 1) – 4920

RM 0.00

Sunny (available on September 1) – 4921

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Limited Edition

ManjaLink limited edition card - Nutty ManjaLink limited edition card - Fuzzy ManjaLink limited edition card - Sunny

Introducing the exclusive Limited Edition ManjaLink cards featuring three unique characters: Nutty, Fuzzy, and Sunny. Each card is a must-have collector’s item! Mark your calendars for the release dates: 1st July, 1st August, and 1st September. Be sure to get your hands on these cards as soon as they’re available.

Priced at only RM33.80/S$15 each (preloaded with 20 Travel Credits), these cards not only bring joy but also make a difference. With every purchase, RM3 will be generously donated to selected charities, allowing us to give back to society together.

Hurry! These cards are available in limited quantities only. Start your collection today and tap into the world of Nutty, Fuzzy, and Sunny. Don’t wait too long, or you might miss out!


ManjaLink Card is a contactless smart card that stores travel credits for payments on Causeway Link buses.

ManjaLink enables cashless payments and ticketing on-board buses, and applicable for buses connecting to cross-border via 1st link and 2nd link. With ManjaLink, avoid the hassle of paying with cash, and carrying enough change just to pay the correct fare.

  • 20 Travel credits for use (RM1=1 travel credits)
  • Easy, fast & convenient
  • Up to 30% instant discount
  • Up to 3% monthly rebate
  • Register online & protect credit
  • Check transaction history online easily
  • Top-up online via website or LUGO app

  • Where to use

    Cross border bus & connecting bus service: CWL, CW1, CW2, CW3, CW4G, CW5, CW6, CW7, CW7L

    Malaysia local bus service: F100, F200, F201, T11, T12, T13, T20, T21, T22, T31, T32, T33, T40, T41, T42, T43, T50, JPO1, CT1

    Route details please check Causeway Link website or download LUGO


    Does ManjaLink card have an expiry date?

    Each ManjaLink card will remain activated for 6 months from the last top-up. After 6 months, users still can proceed to any of our ManjaLink counters to activate their expired cards with any top-up action.

    How much store valued in the card?

    You will get 20 travel credits when you purchased ManjaLink card.

    Feedback / Enquiry?

    Any feedback or enquiry, please email to

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