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Bus Exterior Advertising

Bus Interior Advertising

Glass Panel

Glass panels sit above the windows at the interior of the bus. It is an ideal platform for targeting commuters.

Bus TV

Bus TV that provides televised advertisement and entertainment. This guarantees viewership from the high number of daily commuters making it perfect for creating an impression.

Hanging Panel

Hanging panels carry your message everywhere in the bus. They are removable which allow consumer to bring them home and spread your message to many more people.

Back Seat Panel

Your advertisements sit face-to-face to consumers. Great for contents that allow commuters to read to learn more.

Bus Promotion Bracket

Bus promotion brackets are located at ideal location where it can be easily noticed, and picked up by consumers. It is an ideal distribution channel for brochure, flyer and publicity newsletters.

Why Bus Advertising?

Movement Grabs Attention

Your advertisement moves with the crowd

Better Ad Recall

By travelling on the same route repetitively everyday

Long Exposure

Continuous message delivery – 7 days a week, 16 hours per day

Better Audience Reach

Flexible media for mass targeting or sprcific location targeting

Cost Effective

Advertisement is being viewed for a longer period compared to other media

Road users who spend about


on the road daily



per month

Journeys in Johor Bahru


passengers per month

Cross Over to Singapore


passengers per month

Why Causeway Link


We provide a good quality of bus stickers with a year warranty and free touch up services whenever necessary.

Reliable Bus Advertisement Channel

Our buses are equipped with advanced technology to monitor and track the buses status to ensure is on service.

Good Maintenance Program For Interior & Exterior Advertisement

Well trained personnel to upkeep the condition and repair of bus interior & exterior advertisement

Professional Consultation Service

We provide creative & professional ideas to suit your needs. We also promise to upleep your advertisements all the time

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