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Be part of our Causeway Link Loyalty member. Start accumulating loyalty points and use it to discount your upcoming bus ride with Causeway Link Express Bus Service.


Buy your Causeway Link Express bus ticket online or at any Causeway Link Counter to earn your loyalty points.

Step 1

Purchase ticket from Causeway Link Express booking website

Step 2

Register Causeway Link Express Member

Step 3

Complete the payment and points will be credited 1 day after travelling date

Step 4

Redeem rewards on the next purchase


When you purchase Causeway Link Express bus ticket, you earned loyalty points (pts).

Express bus ticket can be purchase via:

Causeway Link Website

When you purchase your express bus ticket via Causeway Link Website, remember to login or register immediately when you checkout your express bus ticket. Only when you have login to your account, system can recognize your identity and credit the points to your account.


Payment → Loyalty Points

After your payment is made successfully, you will earn your loyalty points according to the route you have selected and ticket price.

Available routes and their related rate of loyalty points are as follow:

Larkin ↔ Kuala Lumpur

RM 1 = 1 pts

Larkin ↔ Shah Alam

RM 1 = 1 pts

Larkin ↔ Klang

RM 1 = 1 pts

Larkin ↔ Pengerang

RM 1 = 1 pts

Larkin ↔ Mersing

RM 1 = 1 pts

Key in your payment to calculate the loyalty points you will earn.


Loyalty Points → Discount

Minimum of 200 points to redeem a RM10 discount for the next purchase.
Points must be redeem in every increment of 200 loyalty points.

Loyalty Points Earned Discount
200 Loyalty Points RM 10
400 Loyalty Points RM 20
600 Loyalty Points RM 30
800 Loyalty Points RM 40
1,000 Loyalty Points RM 50
1,200 Loyalty Points RM 60

and so on


Register an account at express.causewaylink.com.my

A verification code will be send to your registered email

Click on the link from your mail box to verify the ManjaLink account

Start earning your loyalty points!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Causeway Link Express Bus Loyalty Program?

Causeway Link Express Bus Loyalty Program is designed to reward Causeway Link Express bus customers on their loyalty for the services rendered by Causeway Link Express Bus Service.

How to be a member of Causeway Link Express Bus Loyalty Program?

Register your details at our https://express.causewaylink.com.my/.

Do I need to pay to be a member of this loyalty program?

No. Joining this loyalty program is free. This is a replacement of the manual loyalty program that was previously used for selected Causeway Link Express bus service routes.

What are the Causeway Link Express Bus Service route that is under this Loyalty Program?

Customer can enjoy to get points on all the available Causeway Link Express Routes routes offered to https://express.causewaylink.com.my.

What type of express bus ticket is entitled for this loyalty programme?

All is entitled to enjoy our loyalty points for as long as you have registered yourself into our booking website. Please be reminded that loyalty points are only rendered to our Causeway Link Express Bus Services.

How does it works?

Earning a loyalty point is just simple. All you have to do is register yourself from our booking website and your transaction will be automatically calculated based on your bookings.

Please bear in mind that loyalty points will only be credited 1 day after the travelling date stated in your express bus ticket.

How to calculate my loyalty point?

Spending Calculation

Route Type Spending Rate Example
Route A RM1 spent = 1 POINT RM34.10 purchased ticket is equivalent to 34.10 loyalty points.

*** The system will credit the loyalty points without decimal.

Is there a minimum purchase required for me to join this programme?

No. Every transaction from online purchase will be recorded by the system once the customer is registered to this Loyalty Program.

What if I purchase from the counter?

All transaction from our counters, agents and any third party will not be included into this loyalty points. Therefore, customers are highly advised to make their transactions via our booking website to enjoy our loyalty point system.

Will my loyalty point expired?

Yes. Loyalty points will expire after 1 year from the date of travelling date on any our express bus ticket.

Will the Loyalty Program be affected with cancellation, refund, and change of route ticket?

Cancellation and Refund of Causeway Link Express Bus Ticket due to operation matters from Causeway Link is accepted. The amount of Refund for any Causeway Link Express Bus ticket will be based on the original Causeway Link Express Bus ticket price.

Changing of Causeway Link Express Bus ticket route will only credit the Loyalty Points based on the latest route used one (1) day after the travelling date.

Where can I view my loyalty point?

Your loyalty points are reflected in your profile page at our booking website

What is the minimum Loyalty points I need to acquire to get my rewards?

The minimum amount is 200 Loyalty Points.

Loyalty Points Earned Reward
200 Loyalty Points RM10
400 Loyalty Points RM20
600 Loyalty Points RM30
Every subsequent 200 Loyalty Points +RM10

*Note: Loyalty points earned is not convertible to cash.

I purchased my Ticket online in Singapore Dollar, will this be converted in Malaysia Ringgit?

Yes, our system will auto calculate the points system based on the exchange rate we provided from our booking website.

Can my redemption reward amount exceed the ticket price?

Yes, the redemption reward amount can exceed the total ticket price, however rewards/ loyalty points will not be refunded.

When can I claim my loyalty rewards?

You can start redeem your loyalty rewards upon accumulation of minimum 200 loyalty points.

Is this loyalty program transferable?

No. It is not transferable.

Where to redeem my loyalty points?

Redemption of Loyalty points can only be done online at the check-out page section of our booking website.

Terms & conditions apply.