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We operate transit terminals that cater to the needs of travelers by having ticketing counters for buses that are traveling from Johor Bahru to many exciting towns and cities. We specialize in developing and maintaining Standard Operation Procedures to various areas of expertise related to terminal management such as Terminal Fire Emergency Plans, House Rules, Tenancy Compliance Requirements, and Emergency Procedures for Staff Management.


  • Bus to major towns and cities in Peninsular Malaysia
  • Bus to Kuala Lumpur Airport Transport
  • Bus to Thailand (Haadiya)
  • Bus to Singapore

Business Partnership

  • Pointshop Convenience Shop
  • Toy Box Machine
  • Causeway Link
  • Causeway Link Holidays
  • ManjaLink

Advertising Opportunities

  • Outdoor Advertising Panels
  • Indoor advertising Panels
  • Wall Panels
  • Glass Door Panels
  • Kiosks
  • Pillars


  • 53 Parking Spaces
  • 24/7 Operate
  • RM1 For First 2 hours
    (Additional RM1 / every subsequent hour)

Leasing Registration

We welcome any inquiry or favorable feedback from you. You may submit in your inquiry via our web form below, or alternatively, you may either email us at terminalmanagement@handalindah.com.my. We will try our best to reply you as soon as possible.