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JB Sentral Terminal

Senai Airport
AA1Airport Shuttle Bus
JB Sentral Terminal
Walk 15 minutes to CIQ First Link
Malaysia Customs
(CIQ First Link)
Singapore Customs
(Woodlands Checkpoint)
Kranji MRT station
Queen Street Terminal
Newton Circus Bus Stop

JB Sentral TerminalAA1Senai Airport

Senai Airport Shuttle Service (AA1) provide reliable, fast and comfortable ride to and fro Senai International Airport, Johor. It offers daily non-stop travelling between Airport and JB Sentral.

There is no better way to travel to airport so affordably and efficiently. A one way bus fare is only RM8.00

At JB Sentral, you can also travel to and from Singapore by taking CW1, CW2 and CW5 bus services.

Depart fromJB Sentral Arrive atSenai Airport
05:30AM   06:10AM
06:00AM   06:50AM
07:00AM   07:50AM
08:00AM   08:50AM
09:00AM   09:50AM
10:00AM   10:50AM
11:00AM   11:50AM
12:00PM   12:50AM
01:00PM   01:50AM
02:00PM   02:50AM
03:00PM   03:50AM
04:00PM   04:50AM
05:00PM   05:50AM
06:00PM   06:50AM
07:00PM   07:50AM
08:00PM   08:50AM
09:00PM   09:50AM
10:00PM   10:50AM
Depart fromSenai Airport Arrive atJB Sentral
06:10AM   06:50AM
07:00AM   07:40AM
08:00AM   08:40AM
09:00AM   09:40AM
10:00AM   10:40AM
11:00AM   11:40AM
12:00AM   12:40PM
01:00PM   01:40PM
02:00PM   02:40PM
03:00PM   03:40PM
04:00PM   04:40PM
05:00PM   05:40PM
06:00PM   06:40PM
07:00PM   07:40PM
08:00PM   08:40PM
09:00PM   09:40PM
10:15PM   10:55PM
11:30PM   12:10AM

Pick-up & Drop-off

We have specify pick-up and drop-off location for each location, included: Senai International Airport and JB Sentral Terminal.

Please check on Street View for each location below:

End of the Senai International Airport bus platform.
Note: Please check with Causeway Link counter staff or ticket inspector for the actual pick-up platform.

End of the Senai International Airport bus platform.Bus platform in JB Sentral Bus Terminal.
Note: Please check with Causeway Link counter staff or ticket inspector for the actual pick-up platform.

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