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This initiative is part of the cashless programme of Causeway Link by allowing VISA as an additional contactless option to pay bus fare inside the bus. Visa and Causeway Link recognise the importance of enabling consumers with a seamless and convenient payment experience when they take public transportation.

Benefits of using Visa

Tap and ride for more convenience

No surcharge fee

Additional cashless option to pay bus fare

No top up is required

Available Routes

Cross-border Bus Services

Routes Destination Phase
CWL Larkin Sentral <-> JB CIQ Phase 1
CW1 Larkin Sentral* <-> Kranji MRT
CW2 Larkin Sentral* <-> Queen Street Terminal
CW5 Larkin Sentral* <-> Newton Circus

*Please use connecting service CWL
#Phase 2 via Second Link coming soon.

** TAP IN THE BUS EVERY TIME when you boarding and re-boarding (No tap out required)

Johor Bahru Bus Services

Routes Destination
F100 JB Sentral ↔️ KSL City Mall
F200 Terminal Bas Masai ↔️ Bandar Sri Alam
F300 Terminal Kulai ↔️ Taman Putri Kulai
T10 JB Sentral ↔️ Terminal Kota Tinggi (via Terminal Larkin)
T11 JB Sentral ↔️ Taman Seri Austin
T13 JB Sentral ↔️ Larkin Sentral(via Kebun Teh)
T14 JB Sentral ↔️ Toppen
T20 JB Sentral ↔️ Terminal Bas Kota Masai
T21 JB Sentral ↔️ Permas Jaya
T22 Larkin Sentral ↔️ Lotus Kota Masai
T30 JB Sentral ↔️ Taman Kulai
T31 JB Sentral ↔️ Taman Pulai Mutiara
T32 JB Sentral ↔️ Flat Taman Selesa Jaya
T33 JB Sentral ↔️ Taman Tan Sri Yaacob
T40 Larkin Sentral ↔️ Gelang Patah Sentral
T42 Terminal Gelang Patah ↔️ Kampung Pendas Baru
T44 Larkin Sentral ↔️ Terminal Feri Puteri Harbour (via Bukit Indah)
T50 Larkin Sentral ↔️ Pontian

*CHECK-IN and CHECK-OUT is required for every bus ride

Check your transaction history thru LUGO

You can easily track your bus fare transaction history thru this simple steps:

📱 Download LUGO
🔗 Connect to Manja bot
🧑‍💻 Login or Register
🔗 Link with your Visa card
✅ Check your bus fare transaction history

For more information, visit our FAQs page.

Learn more how to link your card on LUGO, check on “How can I check my Visa transaction history on LUGO?”.

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