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Transit with Visa - Frequently Asked Questions

You can begin using your Visa card for payments on 4 selected cross-border bus routes and 15 myBAS Johor Bahru routes. For further information, please refer to Question 2.

Visa card payment is currently accepted on these selected bus routes.
Cross-border bus services

  • CW1
  • CW2
  • CW5
  • CWL

myBAS Johor Bahru

  • F200 (New)
  • F201(New)
  • T11 (New)
  • T12 (New)
  • T13 (New)
  • T22 (New)
  • T40 (New)
  • T41 (New)
  • T42 (New)
  • T43 (New)
  • F100
  • T30
  • T31
  • T32
  • T33
  • F100
  • T30
  • T31
  • T32
  • T33

Visa credit, Visa debit and Visa prepaid are all acceptable.

For Cross-border buses

Tap your Visa card at the tapping machine when you board the bus. You will need to TAP IN ONLY when boarding the bus (including when re-boarding the bus at checkpoints) to avoid wrong fare deduction.


For myBAS Johor Bahru

You will have to TAP IN (WHEN BOARDING) and OUT (WHEN ALIGHTING) when you choose to pay your bus fare with Visa card on the selected myBAS Johor Bahru routes.

Yes, as long as your Visa card is contactless enabled and issued by an authorized bank/financial institution regardless the country of issuance.

There will be no additional fee or hidden charges on the bus fare, you will be charged based on the exact bus fare. In the case if you are using Visa card issued by overseas bank (outside Malaysia), foreign transaction fee may apply here. For Visa card issued by overseas banks we would recommend you to check with your respective bank on this part.

In the case of holding more than one Visa card or even ManjaLink card in your wallet.

We would strongly recommend you to take out the particular Visa card that wish to make payment with and to tap it directly on the reader.

In this case, you should always refer to the respective bank that issued your Visa card.

Insufficient funds on the card may result in you not being able to board the bus, please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your card to avoid such incidents.

Unlikely, there is an overcharged prevention mechanism set in the system which allows only one-time fare deduction per card even if you have tapped your card more than once within 60 seconds.

No. Same with other mode of payment, one Visa card is applicable to make one payment for 1 passenger at a time.

We are still working on it. As for now, there will be no concession rate offered for Visa card payment.

Yes, Visa card payments apply to both directions of travel.

We will initially introduce Visa payments, with plans to introduce Mastercard payments in the coming times.

Some of the benefits of paying bus fares with your Visa card include:

  • It allows faster boarding time
  •  No need to worry about top-up, payment will be bill directly to your bank account
  • Traceable transaction history
  • Earn rewards such as cash back or miles points (differ from each bank)

Before you tap, kindly ensure that a Visa icon is present at the bottom right corner of the tapping machine. This signifies that the bus you’re on accepts Visa card payments.

No, the screen will only indicate a successful payment was made, the actual deduction amount will not be shown on the screen of the tapping machine. You can see total fare charges for the day from your bank statement. However, to view detailed transaction history, you will have to download the LUGO app and link your Visa card there. For more information on how to link your card on the LUGO app, please refer to Q.20. “How can I check my Visa transaction history on LUGO?”

You will hear a “ding” sound from the tapping machine and the word “CARD ACCEPTED” will appear on the screen, it indicates that your Visa card payment is successful.

To view detailed transaction records, you may link your Visa card in the LUGO App.

Please check the steps from “How can I check my Visa transaction history on LUGO?”

Step 1: Open LUGO app
Step 2: Select “Manja” bot
Step 3: Select “Manja Wallet”
Step 4: Select card follow by “Transaction History”
Step 5: Select specific transaction that you wish to report
Step 6: Click on “Dispute”
Step 7: Fill up personal details and your concern
Step 8: Click “Submit”

Yes. Just select the “trash can” icon whenever you wish to remove your card.

Some of the benefits offered by LUGO app includes:

  • Allows you to access to full transaction history of your Visa card
  • Allows you to manage other payment method such as ManjaLink Card
  • Check the bus schedule and arrival time
  • Connect to free Wi-Fi on Causeway Link buses
  • Kumpool Ride booking (e-hailing bus booking service)
  • Subscribe to myBAS50 or myBASKonsesi plan

No, linking a card is not compulsory here. You may just tap your Visa card at the tapping machine to make a payment. However, we do highly recommend you to link your Visa card with the LUGO app to track your transaction history, provide us with your valuable suggestions, or even file a dispute when necessary.

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