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Singapore Bus Services

Causeway Link bus operations to and fro Singapore cater to a large number of daily commuters who need to enter Singapore, as well as Malaysia. Causeway Link services begin its first operation early in the morning for Malaysians working in Singapore and continuously serve these commuters until midnight to ensure sufficient public transportation services across the border.

Cross-border Service

Cross-border buses are direct bus services connecting passengers between Singapore and Malaysia. It passes by both the first link and second link causeway to help passengers access the two immigration checkpoints upon entering both countries.

Connecting Service

Connecting services are the route that helps commuters to connect to other popular pick-up and drop off points in Johor Bahru from Johor’s CIQ First Link and Second Link. Those pick-up and drop off points are helpful to commuters to transit to other buses that goes around the city of Johor Bahru.

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