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myBAS50 & myBASKonsesi Gain Momentum at PAWE Kulai

myBAS50 & myBASKonsesi Gain Momentum at PAWE Kulai

Kulai, Johor:  Handal Indah initiated community engagement, about myBAS at Pusat Aktiviti Warga Emas (PAWE) Kulai. The event, designed with an open space concept, targeted a diverse audience, including senior citizens, individuals with disabilities (OKU), and a student, with the primary objective of introducing myBAS50 and myBASKonsesi.


Ms. Indrimita Sari, Assistant Manager of Sales and Marketing at Handal Indah Sdn Bhd, took the stage to impart valuable insights myBAS50, myBASKonsesi, and the LUGO App. Her presentation not only highlighted the benefits of these initiatives but also provided comprehensive details about the myBAS services available in Johor Bahru.


The activity, initiated to encourage myBAS usage among Malaysians, particularly senior citizens, also aimed to raise awareness about the federal government’s support for the project. The event served as an educational platform, informing the public about the myBAS services available in Johor Bahru. The diverse audience, including senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and a student, reflected the inclusive nature of the initiative, reinforcing its potential impact on various segments of the community.


Ms. Salbiah Shaharum, the supervisor at PAWE Kulai, extended a warm invitation for the collaborative event, emphasizing the importance of such partnerships in fostering community engagement. The successful organization of the event demonstrated the potential for future collaborations with NGOs, signalling a positive step towards creating awareness about public transportation initiatives.


Recognizing the significance of on-the-ground activities, the event incorporated interactive sessions and discussions. This approach not only enhanced the immediate impact of the campaign but also set the stage for future endeavours. The organizers hinted at anticipated events and collaborations with the NGO throughout 2024, underlining their commitment to ongoing community engagement.


The myBAS promotion event at PAWE Kulai not only succeeded in promoting public transportation accessibility but also in fostering a sense of community engagement. The collaboration with PAWE Kulai, the diverse audience, and the positive registration numbers collectively contribute to the growing momentum of myBAS50 and myBASKonsesi in Johor Bahru.

Pusat Aktiviti Warga Emas (PAWE) is a place for senior citizens to engage in daily activities within the community. It serves as a social outreach and developmental service for senior citizens, involving strategic collaboration between the Ministry of Women, Family, and Community Development (KPWKM), other government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).