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Exhibition Bus

  • Custom designed multi-purpose exhibition buses:
    • Bus Exterior: Ideal for displaying logos and graphics, or even a full bus wrap
    • Collapsible side roofing
  • Large exhibition space with multiple display boards
  • Large interior space for bus advertisement
  • Movable desks / workstations
  • Meeting areas with customer
  • Carpeted interior
  • Display lighting
  • Air conditioning system
  • Audio and video system

Double Decker Bus

  • Mobile advertising – unique showcase
  • Moving exhibition hall
  • Easy to set up at any location
  • Custom designs according to your needs
  • Microphone and sound speakers
  • Comprehensive lighting
  • Aerial vantage point for photography

Why Causeway Link?

Customize the bus according to your needs

The bus is at your entire disposal

Personalized itinerary

Ample space for advertising: inside and outside the bus

Enjoy exclusive prices, the only best prices in Johor!

Interested to rent a bus with us?