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Woodlands CIQ Complex

Woodland CIQ Complex also known as the Woodland Checkpoint that connects to Johor Bahru CIQ Complex via a 1,056-meter bridge linking the city of Johor Bahru across the Strait of Johor to the small town of Woodland in Singapore.

The said link bridge is mainly serving as a road and rail link as well as water piping into Singapore.

Woodlands CIQ Complex is an immigration checkpoint on the Singapore side of the Johor and Singapore causeway near Woodlands Centre Road. All travellers and goods moving across the Causeway are required to clear the Checkpoint before they are allowed continue for inbound and outbound journey between Singapore and Johor Bahru.

For bus passengers, they must alight from the bus at the drop off area with all their belongings and pass through immigration on their own before being allowed to board the buses for either in bound or outbound journey of Singapore.

Photography and videography is not allowed in the Checkpoint building.

The Passengers flow inside this area:

Woodlands CIQ Complex has two processing areas for bus and commuters. Upon arrival at the drop off points, all passengers are required to alight the bus with their belongings and proceed to the immigration clearance with valid travelling documents.

Lifts and escalators are available inside the area to assist passengers to get into the top floor of the building where the immigration clearance is located.
After clearing the immigration, passengers are required to carry their own belongings to proceed at the boarding berth. It is located at the downstairs of the immigration clearance area. Lifts and escalators are also available to go down the boarding berth.

Meanwhile for those empty buses, they are required to proceed for security check by the immigration officers including the bus driver before proceeding to the boarding berth to pick up passengers going to Malaysia via the link bridge.

Only cross-border buses and private bus chartering services with proper travelling documents are allowed to proceed the causeway to link passengers to Malaysia.

What are the buses services that Causeway Link is servicing to this area?
Inbound and Outbound of Singapore

Item No. Route Number Destination Route Category
1 CW1 Kranji MRT Station <–> Larkin Bus Terminal Causeway Link cross-border route
2 CW2 Queen Street <–> Larkin Bus Terminal Causeway Link cross-border route
3 CW5 Newton Circus<–> JB CIQ Causeway Link cross-border route


Passengers requiring customer service on the ground may refer to any of the available Causeway Link time keeper staff on the ground to get the right direction to reach their desired destination.


How can I know the bus schedule of the routes that goes cross-border via the Woodland Checkpoint?

Aside from the Causeway Link website, some Causeway Link bus information is now available in Lugo App. This App is a digital assistant that helps commuters detect the estimated bus arrival time and estimated bus fare to guide the commuters.

This App also has a convenient feature/ function to top-up ManjaLink cards online and its available on both Android and iOS version.