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SMK Mutiara Rini Championed ‘Jom Naik myBAS Johor Bahru Video Competition 2.0’

SMK Mutiara Rini Championed 'Jom Naik myBAS Johor Bharu Video Competition 2.0'

Johor Bahru, January 10, 2024 – The Jom Naik myBAS Johor Bahru Video Competition 2.0 recently wrapped up its judging and awarding phase, featuring 18 entries from over 81 students representing various schools across Johor.

The competition aimed to spotlight the excellent services of myBAS Johor Bahru, a bus service in Johor implemented by the Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD) of the Ministry of Transport (MOT), encouraging students to create impactful videos that educate the public about its benefits.

The top spot went to Entry Number 11 from SMK Mutiara Rini. Their video not only showcased operations but also emphasized the advantages of myBAS Johor Bahru. The winner receives a cash prize of RM1,000, a certificate, a trophy, and extra marks for extracurricular activities from Jabatan Pendidikan Negri Johor (JPN).

Entry Number 17 from SMK Mutiara Rini secured second place for their creative presentation style and compelling storyline, earning them a cash prize of RM750, a certificate, trophy, and extra marks for their involvement in extracurricular activities.

The third prize went to Entry Number 10 from SMK Tun Habab for their outstanding video highlighting bus transportation benefits. The third-place winner gets a cash prize of RM500, a certificate, a trophy, and extra marks for their contributions to extracurricular activities.

Special Choice Awards (Online and Offline) were presented to SMK Bandar Mas and SMK Tun Habab, respectively, with both winners receiving a cash prize of RM250, certificates, and additional marks for active participation in extracurricular activities.

Mr. Riduan Salleh, the Project Manager of myBAS Johor Bahru, expressed satisfaction with the initiative, noting its success in involving schools from various corridors and promoting public transportation awareness. He also added that more activities will be spearheaded to reach out more our education sector.

Special thanks were given to Toppen Shopping Center helping to support these initiatives.

Participating schools included SMK Skudai, SMK Kota Tinggi, SMK Bandar Mas, SMK Mutiara Rini, and SMK Tun Habab.

Sonny Peru Cosme, PR & Marketing Specialist of Handal Indah Sdn Bhd, who led the event, highlighted its goal to provide students with an opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity through valuable videos for the public.

Ms. Shafikah and Mr. Faiz from the Marketing Department hosted the event at the TOPP of Toppen Shopping Center Johor Bahru with over 100 attendees, including school representatives, students, judges, and the public.

The Jom Naik myBAS Johor Bahru Video Competition continues to be a successful platform for students to contribute to the promotion of sustainable transportation practices in Johor Bahru.