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Seamless Commuting Ahead: Visa and ManjaPay Payments Now Available on All myBAS Johor Bahru Routes from August 28, 2023

Seamless Commuting Ahead: Visa and ManjaPay Payments Now Available on All myBAS Johor Bahru Routes from August 28, 2023

Get ready to experience a revolution in your daily commutes! Starting August 28, 2023, we’re excited to announce that Visa and ManjaPay, which are already available on other routes, will now be a convenient payment options for all myBAS Johor Bahru services, with the exception of the myBAS T10, T20, T21, and T50 routes, making your journeys smoother, quicker, and more enjoyable across the board.

Imagine a world where paying for your bus ride is as easy as a tap. With Visa and ManjaPay as additional payments to myBAS Johor Bahru, everything is possible by just tapping on our bus card reader machines. Our integration of these payment options brings you the convenience and security of digital payments, eliminating the need for cash and simplifying your experience from boarding to alighting.

Efficiency at Your Fingertips:

With Visa and ManjaPay, the payment process becomes a breeze. Expect swift processing times that reduce waiting periods, ensuring seamless boarding and a timely journey.


A Wallet-Free Commute:

Bid farewell to physical wallets as you embrace the ease of paying with your Visa card or ManjaPay on LUGO app. These trusted payment options become an easy choice for effortless travel, streamlining your transit experience.

Digital Records, Hassle-Free:

Keeping track of expenses becomes effortless with digital receipts. Whether you opt for Visa or ManjaPay, you’ll have a convenient way to monitor your travel costs and maintain up-to-date records.

Tap In, Tap Out Transaction:

To ensure accurate fare calculations and a trouble-free journey, both Visa and ManjaPay users must tap in and tap out when boarding and alighting the bus. This straightforward process guarantees precise charges based on your travel distance, contributing to a system that benefits everyone.

Embrace the Future of Commuting: Your Journey Begins on August 28, 2023:

The introduction of Visa and ManjaPay payments to all MyBAS Johor Bahru services represents a significant development in transforming your daily commute. By integrating these cutting-edge payment technologies, we’re elevating your journeys to be more efficient, seamless, and secure. Set a reminder for August 28, 2023, and prepare to embark on the future of commuting with Visa and ManjaPay. Your effortless, cashless travels are on the horizon – get ready to embrace the change!

Don’t Miss Out: Experience the Full Benefits Today!

For a seamless experience with Visa payments and ManjaPay, be sure to download the LUGO App. This App not only allows you to link your Visa card to effortlessly check your transaction history but also enables you to use ManjaPay conveniently. Make your daily commutes even smoother – download the LUGO App now and unlock the full potential of hassle-free and cashless travel.