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myBAS Johor Bahru Participates Roadshow to Introduce myBASKonsesi to Students of Tasek Utara in Johor Bahru

myBAS Johor Bahru Participates Roadshow to Introduce myBASKonsesi to Students of Tasek Utara in Johor Bahru

May 19, 2024, Johor Bahru: The myBAS Johor Bahru team actively participated in the promotion of the myBASKonsesi initiative during the Academic Carnival organized by SMK Taman Tasek Utara in Johor Bahru. This event took place at the school’s premises and aimed to educate students about various benefits the student is entitled to with this public transportation in Johor Bahru.

The event saw a turnout of approximately 350 students from SMK Taman Tasek Utara. Additionally, students from neighbouring schools also attended, indicating strong community interest and engagement in the initiative.

To facilitate the registration process, myBAS Johor Bahru Team established a booth where students could sign up for myBASKonsesi cards using their Malaysian Identification Cards (myKAD). This session marked a significant milestone as it was the first time myBAS Johor Bahru issued the myBASKonsesi cards, which will provide beneficiaries with free bus services within Johor Bahru.

Aina Liyana, a Form 3 student, shared her excitement about the program, stating, “The myBAS Konsesi is a great initiative for us to use the bus to go to school. It’s free, similar to the Bas Muafakat Johor using Malaysian IC. This makes commuting to school much easier and more affordable for students.”

Nureen Nasuha, another student from Taman Tasek Utara, expressed her appreciation, “I love the booth with all the giveaways. It’s nice to see public transport initiatives reaching out to students like us since we usually only travel between home and school. This makes our daily commute more convenient and enjoyable.”

The principal of SMK Taman Tasek Utara also expressed satisfaction with the initiative, highlighting its positive impact on students. “We are delighted to participate in this initiative. The free registration for myBAS Konsesi cards will greatly benefit our students, providing them with easy access to myBAS services in Johor Bahru. We look forward to collaborating on future events.”

The event was successfully organized by SMK Taman Tasek Utara, and participated by other government and non-government organisation including food trucks placed outside the event area.

This collaboration underscores the commitment to enhancing public transport accessibility and fostering community engagement among students.