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Mersing Bus Terminal

Mersing is located in the east coast of Johor. It is about 136 kilometres north east of Johor Bahru. Mersing is a gateway to nature and traditional culture. But for most outsiders, this small semi-tourist town is making it as an entry point to popular islands on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Mersing town is thus far best known for passengers and transit to the jetty terminal where boats depart daily for numerous offshore islands.

To get here by public transport, you will be drop off or pick up at the Mersing bus terminal located at Jalan Abu Bakar, Mersing.

This bus station has ample space to serve the locals and tourist to get to various destinations inside and outside of Mersing. Mostly, these terminal is flocked by local and international tourist who wants to reach the ferry terminal to get to the different island of Mersing.

Parking spaces for cars as well as motor vehicles are available around the bus station. Next to the terminal is the Mersing Wet Market that highlights various local products especially during weekends. A domestic supermarket known as Pasaraya Kini is also happening opposite to the bus station.

Passengers are advised to walk to this bus terminal to at least 15 minutes before bus departure time. However, for some chartered services, they are allowed to pick their passengers near to the Jetty Terminal.

What are the Causeway Link bus service available at this terminal?

Item No. Route Category Destination Bus Platform
1 Express Bus Service Mersing  <->  Johor Bharu Mersing Bus Terminal and at the Mersing Ferry Terminal Drop Off and Pick-up.


Where to book the ticket?

You can book your bus ticket on Causeway Link website or to the authorised agent of Causeway Link inside the bus terminal.


What are other travel tip to commuters?

If you are using public bus transport to connect to the city of Johor Bahru, you can take the Causeway Link bus service to get to Johor Bahru and transit to other bus service heading to Kaula Lumpur, Melaka, or even to Singapore.

Causeway Link offers bus service that can help you link to the following destination from Larkin bus terminal.


What other connectivity we can use?

Should you be coming from Singapore and want to take a trip to Mersing you are highly advised to take Causeway Link transit pass in order to save time and transport fee between Singapore and Mersing with transit at the Larkin Bus Terminal.

With transit pass card, you are able to enjoy a ride without paying any extra fare from Singapore to Larkin to connect to the Causeway Link Bus Service that goes to Mersing Bus Terminal.  All you have to do is to tap the Transit Pass card on top of the card reader machine of any Causeway Link cross-border buses and your fare will all be settled.

Tap the card and you will get FREE RIDE. The same goes when you are coming from Mersing to Singapore. You can take any cross-border Causeway Link buses to enjoy a free ride to Singapore.


Other Travel Guide:

  1. For passengers who booked their bus ticket online, please be reminded to exchange for your online ticket into boarding pass at the Larkin Sentral Bus terminal counters at least 30 minutes before bus departure time.
  2. The boarding pass from the ticketing counter contains QR code access to enter the entrance gate inside the terminal before proceeding to Causeway Link Express Bus Service platform going to Mersing.