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Jurong East Bus Interchange Singapore

This interchange was built on December 17, 2011. It serves as an interchange for public transport that mainly operates public transportation services such as bus and Jurong East MRT Station along the North-South Line and East-West Line in Singapore.

Jurong East Bus Interchange is currently catering to the majority of commuters traveling to various housing estates, schools, religious places, tourist attractions and industrial places in Jurong East and those traveling to Malaysia via the Tuas Checkpoint.

The first cross-border bus service operation of Causeway Link to this area was in August 2005. The bus service was named as Causeway Link CW3 covering a route between Jurong East and JB via the Tuas Checkpoint.

What are the bus services that Causeway Link is catering to this interchange?

Item No. Route Number Destination Bus Platform
1 CW3 Jurong East<-> Larkin Bus Terminal (Connect to CW3E) Causeway Link Platform
2 CW4 Jurong East <-> Pontian <-> Gelang Patah <-> Pontian Causeway Link Platform
3 CW4S Jurong East <->  Gelang Patah <-> Sutera Mall Causeway Link Platform


What are the customer service support we can offer to this terminal?

Causeway Link has an existing customer service counter to assist passengers at this station for ManjaLink  transaction as well as for the arrangement of Causeway Link cross-border bus services going back to Malaysia via the Tuas Checkpoint.

The counter staff can also assist passengers who want to buy ManjaLink Card for their cashless payment transaction to those Causeway Link buses going to this area.

How can I know the bus schedule of the routes that goes to goes cross-border?

Aside from the Causeway Link website, Some Causeway Link bus information is now available in LUGO app. LUGO is a digital assistant that helps commuters detect the estimated bus arrival time and estimated bus fare to guide the commuters.

This App also has a convenient feature/ function to top-up ManjaLink cards online and its available on both Android and iOS version.