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How Is Public Transport Coping During This Covid19?

How Is Public Transport Coping During This Covid19?

As Malaysia moves to the recovery stage due to the pandemic COVID19, most establishments from different businesses particularly the tourism sector, transportation, recreational activities and the F&B industries were badly affected.

Among these sectors, urban public transportation sectors continue to combat the daily challenges on how to cope up on its operation while maintaining a safe and reliable public transport to the commuting society.

Here are some of the challenges that Causeway Link faces as we move to the new normal life:

All buses that are operating are sanitised before and after each trip

With the strict regulations from the Government, we conduct a strict sanitation of all our public transport vehicles before and after every trip is assigned to them.

All of the common areas inside the buses such as the seats, handles, windows, floor, aircon outlets, including the entrance part were regularly sanitized before the commuting public will use the bus.


More Than 90% Of The Buses Are Unable To Operate

Amid to the ongoing RMCO, most of our buses within the local routes and express bus services are unable to operate. As for cross-border buses, all services were suspended.

The company has been in full cooperation with the government’s restrictions and SOPs on the part of community travelling to minimize any possible strike of Covid19 in the region.


Taking This Opportunity To Upgrade And Train The Bus Captains And Ground Staff 

Causeway Link believes that to deliver the best, we need to have the best people to support the delivery of a high-quality services.

Our bus captains continue to attend both practical and theoretical training during this pandemic time to enhance them to deliver a better public transport service for the community at large.

With the restriction issued by the government due to Covid19, all training was conducted remotely as part of the social distancing to avoid possible spread of the virus.


Contact Tracing in Causeway Link

In conjunction with the government’s direction to implement contact tracing, we developed our own contact tracing initiative using a QR Code that is posted in our Local City buses since June 1, 2020.

Check for more details about our contract tracing steps here.

Meanwhile, for our express bus services, we use the MySejatera App for the contact tracing.


We Help When We Can

Despite the restriction order given to the public, we also assisted special request to help the needy one to cross the border from Singapore to Malaysia.

Johor’s State Assemblyman for Stulang Andrew Chen had collaborated with us to provide a bus for all the pregnant women, old folks including children to go back to Malaysia for four times throughout the period of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia that has started since March 18, 2020.

St John Ambulance organisations in Singapore and Malaysia including the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore has also assisted to make the travelling journey smooth for everyone.

As part of the social distancing rule, our operation team in Singapore ensure that the bus will only accommodate half of its passengers including a mandatory usage of face mask. This is a good initiative to control a possible spread of virus to the passengers throughout that journey.

As the conditional MCO in Malaysia moved to recovery stage since June 10, 2020, more buses are now opened for interstate and local routes. As we move on to this stage, Causeway Link team would like to remind everyone of the following:

  1. Maintain a proper hygiene / wash your hand frequently
  2. Use of mask in public places
  3. Avoid congested public areas
  4. Minimise communication in the bus
  5. Maintain social distancing while queuing for the bus

With these reminders, we are helping the community to fight the spread of Covid19.