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Handal Indah Group Showcases its Electrification Systems in 15 Countries including Singapore

Handal Indah Group Showcases its Electrification Systems in 15 Countries including Singapore

Singapore, 21 March 2024: Handal Indah Group of Companies (HIGC) has taken a significant step towards showcasing its electrification systems internationally during the fourth Conference on Clean Buses in APAC held at Four Points by Sheraton, Singapore.

This year’s conference theme primarily focused on the Deployment of Electric and Hydrogen Buses and Infrastructure. Handal Indah seized the opportunity to exhibit its commitment to sustainable public transportation systems through its four pillars.

The first pillar emphasizes Training and Development, conducted by Handal Lestari. They specialize in providing training and development in electric vehicles, certified by Training Qualifications United Kingdom (TQUK) and the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) UK, catering to various industry-related EV fields.

The second pillar involves Assembly Plants, where Handal Indah collaborates with Acacia Motors Sdn Bhd and Liannex Corporation Sdn Bhd to assemble EV units for its fleet operations. Acacia Motors operates assembly plants in Pasir Gudang, Johor, and Kuala Lumpur, supporting domestic demands for bus assembly in the region.

Charging Facilities constitute the third pillar, with Handal Indah Sdn Bhd supported by DC Handal for EV bus fleet operations. DC Handal has established numerous charging sites in Kuala Lumpur and recently inaugurated a charging station in Desaru Coast, furthering electric mobility in the region. Additionally, Eco Life, a subsidiary of HIGC, contributes fast-charging units to support cross-border buses between Malaysia and Singapore.

The fourth pillar focuses on Mobility, with Handal Indah operating one of Malaysia’s largest private public transport fleets, comprising over 700 diesel buses and 60 electric vehicles. Running bus services under the Causeway Link brand, Handal Indah became the first cross-border public transport operator to introduce electric buses between Malaysia and Singapore since October 2023. To enhance this electrification initiative, Manjalabs provides comprehensive transportation solutions, including a ticketing system, ensuring real-time fleet management and improved customer experience through the LUGO App.

In the meantime, Ms Lim Chern Fang, the Deputy Executive Director of Handal Indah Group of Companies, mentioned that this marks the company’s inaugural international exhibition beyond Malaysia concerning its transition towards sustainable public transportation through electrification.

She also noted that gaining exposure at such events will broaden the company’s perspective and provide an opportunity to showcase its electrification capabilities. Moreover, it presents a chance to network with industry peers, fostering deeper insights and understanding of the sector.

Key figures like Azreen Fariz Mohd Daron, Senior Vice President for Bus Capex Department, and Gonggomtua E. Sitanggang, Interim Director of Institute of Transportation & Development Policy, commended Handal Indah’s initiatives. They suggested exploring opportunities to replicate Handal Indah’s success, particularly in training, development, and charging infrastructure implementation, in markets like Indonesia.

The conference, organized by the Global Mass Transit, attracted over 80 participants from 15 countries, including directors from Singapore’s Land Transport Authority. Handal Indah’s participation marked its debut in showcasing its EV industry capabilities at such international platforms.