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Handal Indah Group of Companies Strives Towards Green Mobility Across Asia Pacific

Handal Indah Group of Companies Strives Towards Green Mobility Across Asia Pacific

JOHOR BAHRU: NOVEMBER 13, 2023: In an age where environmental sustainability and the reduction of carbon footprints are of paramount importance, Handal Indah Group of Companies (HIGC) is spearheading a remarkable transformation in the transportation industry.

This ambitious move to have transition from traditional diesel-powered vehicles to electric buses has also in trend to Malaysia and is now extended its influence throughout the Asia-Pacific region. With this, HIGC explore the various facets of this visionary company’s journey towards greener, more sustainable transportation solutions.

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Handal Indah Group of Companies has realized the importance of not just adopting electric buses but also fostering an entire ecosystem to support the electric vehicle (EV) industry. A prime example of this diversification is Liannex Corporation Sdn Bhd (LCSB), the official distributor of Foton and Asia Star Electric buses in Malaysia. This strategic move has helped bridge the gap between the demand for electric buses and their availability in the country.

One notable achievement of the group is by injecting of Electric buses to Causeway Link, one of Malaysia’s largest private public transport companies. By supplying electric buses for Causeway Link’s fleet, LCSB has played a crucial role in supporting sustainable and eco-friendly public transportation. This move is evidence to the commitment of the Group towards a greener Malaysia and beyond.

Recognizing the vital role of charging infrastructure in promoting electric vehicles, the Group’s subsidiary which is Eco Life, has taken up the task of meeting the growing demand for electric chargers. The services extend beyond Malaysian borders, assisting other countries in establishing the necessary charging infrastructure. Moreover, Eco Life offers services such as converting diesel buses into electric vehicles and supporting the development of EV-related infrastructure including assembly plant and many more.

Handal Green Mobility (HGC) on the other hand is also making substantial investments in charging infrastructure thru its Charge Point Operator (CPO) concept. The company is building its own charging stations partnering with local investors providing fast-charging solutions in Malaysia. These stations are a crucial part of their strategy to facilitate widespread electric vehicle adoption and further bolster the growth of the EV ecosystem in the country.

Handal Indah Sdn Bhd, operating under the brand name Causeway Link, has achieved another milestone by becoming the first operator to run electric buses for cross-border services between Malaysia and Singapore. This initiative not only showcases the company’s commitment to sustainable transportation but also sets a significant precedent for cross-border travel.

In addition to this milestone, Handal Indah has also embarked on a journey to streamline the travel experience for both passengers and operators by introducing cashless payment options powered by ManjaLabs. These innovations are set to make commuting via public transport more efficient and convenient for all.

In the public transportation sector, one of the main challenges has been the reliance on cash payments, which can lead to delays, longer boarding times, and increased security risks. The Group recognized this issue and responded with a forward-thinking solution thru cashless payment options which simplify the ticketing process and enhance the overall travel experience.

The introduction of cashless payment options is a win-win for both public transport operators and passengers. For operators, it streamlines ticketing and revenue collection processes, reduces the risk of theft, and allows for more accurate financial tracking. Passengers benefit from quicker boarding, enhanced security, and the convenience of tracking their travel expenses digitally. Moreover, these payment options are more inclusive, as they cater to a wide range of passengers, including those who may not have access to traditional banking services.

Handal Indah Group of Companies’ commitment to green mobility and the electrification of transportation is making waves in Malaysia and is ready for the Asia Pacific region. Through strategic diversification, partnerships, and investments in charging infrastructure, HIGC strive to be the forefront of transforming the transportation landscape.

Handal Indah Group’s innovative initiatives are not only reducing the carbon footprint but also setting a remarkable example for the future of sustainable public transportation in the region.