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Gelang Patah Bus Terminal

Gelang Patah Bus Terminal was opened on September 11, 2016 to serve as a main transport hub to the small town of Gelang Patah in Johor.

This terminal is located at the junction road of Jalan Gelang Patah, Jalan Ulu Choh and Jalan Skudai to Gelang Patah. The buses here are mainly connecting passengers to Gelang Patah Sentral, Kota Iskandar, Tanjung Pelapas, Pendas as well as to the CIQ 2 nd Link that connects to Singapore.

Gelang Patah Bus Terminal can also accommodate 10 buses with both alighting and boarding berths. The terminal has also a taxi stand and had an attached public car park.

What are the Causeway Link buses that goes to this terminal?

Item no. Route Destination Routes
1 T42 Gelang Patah Bus Terminal <-> Kampung Pendas Baru myBAS Route
2 CW4  Jurong East <-> CIQ Second Link <-> Nusa Perintis <-> Gelang Patah Bus Terminal <-> GP Sentral <-> Pontian Singapore Bus Route
3 CW4S Jurong East <-> CIQ Second Link <-> Nusa Perintis <-> Gelang Patah Bus Terminal <-> Sutera Mall Singapore Bus Route
4 CW4G CIQ Second Link <-> Nusa Perintis <-> Gelang Patah Bus Terminal <-> GP Sentral Singapore Bus Route

About our Customer service Counter

Causeway Link and ManjaLink counter is also available at this terminal to assist the customer in purchasing express bus tickets for express bus services, top up ManjaLink card, as well as redemption points for products and services from Causeway Link Holidays such as theme park tickets, and many more.

The counter is open from 05:00am to 9:30pm every day to assist commuters on the ground on their daily journey using Causeway Link bus services.

How can I know the Causeway Link bus schedule that goes Singapore and other parts of Johor Bahru?

Aside from the Causeway Link website, Some Causeway Link bus information is now available in LUGO app. LUGO is a digital assistant that helps commuters detect the estimated bus arrival time and estimated bus fare to guide the commuters.

This App also has a convenient feature/ function to top-up ManjaLink cards online and its available on both Android and IOs version.