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Educating the Students About Public Transport

Educating the Students About Public Transport

Handal Indah Sdn Bhd recently spearheaded an educational program for to the students of Fairview International School on the 4th of March 2019 as part of the community engagement activity of the company in educating public and private schools about Public Transportation system.

According to Ms Anna Mary Steven, teacher from Fairview International School: “the said event was meaningful and fruitful as the students learnt much useful information about the system in a bus terminal and also the way on how a public bus operates as none of them have ever travelled in a public bus before”.

Staff from Handal Indah Sdn Bhd initiated to talk about the general perspective of public transport, the safety requirements as well as the general prohibited signs and elements used inside a bus for the students to understand whenever they will be using public transport in the future.

The company conducted a session with the student by giving them coins to pay their bus fare to collect their won tickets with the bus captain boarding the bus. The bus took the students to Taman Daya, and Adda Heights, Johor to explain the important elements on the road that is significant for public transport. These include traffic lights, crossroads, bus stops, and other public transport systems such as taxi, grab, chartered bus, express bus, etc.

Ms Agnes Tan Poh Yoh, Operations Admin Head and Sonny Cosme from Marketing Team facilitated the said event and manage to explain the basic information stated in the ticket so that the Children will understand the importance of public transport system in the community.

A total of 23 students aged 6-7 years old with two teachers attended the said session with the students.