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Let's Go Cashless

With this solution, travelers will enjoy a smooth cashless transaction by simply tapping your cashless card at our bus card reader machine and your bus fare will be instantly settled. Top-up transactions would not be a problem for you, we have an app, dedicated counters, and online top-up to top up your cashless card.

We also have ManjaPay as an additional cashless payment option for our buses by using your smartphones.

To keep your bus ride hassle and worry-free, use any of our cashless payment options now.

Tap and Pay

ManjaLink Smartcard

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ManjaPay Mobile Payment

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Contactless Bank Cards

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Online Purchase Ticket

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Why Cashless Travel?

Fast, Easy and Convenient

Taking the bus is simple and convenient to all commuters. Just tap the cashless cards and board the bus.

Credits Are Protected

We secure your account. All credit value is secured even when the card is lost or stolen.

Get Your Rewards

Our cashless cards collaborate with other places of interest to provide better value and exclusive discounts to all our members.

Save Cost

Enjoy a lower fare rate discount up to 16%* by using our cashless card compared to cash transactions and redeem a monthly rebate up to 3% based on your monthly usage.

Available Routes

Local Bus

For selected routes only

Singapore Cross Border Bus

For all routes

Shopping & Leisure Bus

For selected routes only

ManjaPay & ManjaLink Registration

Register an account at www.manja.my

A verification code will be send to your registered email

Click on the link from your mail box to verify the ManjaLink account

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Connect to Smart Services Around You

✔️ LUGO bot shows the latest bus arrival times near you
✔️ Connect to free WiFi on cross-border buses with Causeway Link bot
✔️ Let Manja bot help you with contactless payment needs via ManjaPay and ManjaLink

All About Travel Cashless

Causeway Link Cashless Payment Solution - ManjaLink