Easy Way To Connect to Desaru Coast From JB Sentral

Desaru Coast is one of the emerging destinations in Johor and it is gaining popularity since its inception in 2018.  With the fast development of this place, more and more establishment are coming up.

Getting to Desaru Coast has now been made easier with the new bus service of Causeway Link between JB Sentral and Desaru Coast Riverside. The drop of and pick up points is a walking distance to the doorstep of Adventure Waterpark in Desaru Coast.

Travel Bus Pass Card. Tap and enjoy a FREE RIDE with this card to get to Desaru Coast and selected cross-border and Shopping and Leisure Routes of Causeway Link.

The bus fare for this trip is RM15 per pax. Bus tickets are available for purchase via online booking, counter ticket purchase as well as a cash payment onboard. The cashless cards such as ManjaLink card and Travel Bus Pass card is also accepted in this new bus service.

A cashless card used by regular Causeway Link bus commuters between Singapore and Johor Bahru. All ManjaLink cardholders are entitled with a 3% discount off on their bus fare to the Causeway Link JDX bus service.

This new bus service also known as “Causeway Link JDX bus services” will be catering 20 round trips in a week to connect all commuters to these two destinations. The traveling time is approximately 90 minutes depending on the road condition.

Causeway Link JDX Bus Service schedule effective February 1, 2020.

During Mondays to Thursdays, this bus service will run for a single round trip with a starting and ending point at the JB Sentral bus terminal.  During Fridays to Sundays, JDX will have two round trips in a day to cater more to day-trippers from both destinations.

The pick-up and drop off point at Desaru Coast is at the Riverside.  Free shuttle buses to get to the different hotel destinations in Desaru Coast like Westine, Hard Rock, Anantara, One&Only, and Els Club are also in the same pick and drop off points.

The pick-up and drop off point in JB Sentral is at the bus bay Platform No. 2. You may refer to any Causeway Link timekeeper staff on the ground to find the bus.

Here are the guidelines you need when taking the bus:

  1. If you are coming from Singapore, It is advisable to take an early trip (approximately 5.30 AM) from Singapore via the Woodland Checkpoint to get to JB Sentral right after the CIQ Immigration Custom area.
  2. Proceed to the Platform No. 2 inside the JB Sentral Bus Terminal to board the Causeway Link JDX Bus Service. Should you need assistance on the bus location, you are advised to seek assistance to any Causeway Link staff on the ground to locate the bus service.
  3. Customers are advised to be at the bus bay area for at least 15 minutes before bus departure time in order not to miss the bus. Please be reminded of your safety as this station is busy for buses to pick-up and drop off passengers. Hence, you must be alert as to where the bus is.
  4. Each passenger is only allowed to bring on board two (2) medium-sized luggages during the journey. The weight of both luggages must not exceed fifteen (15) kilograms.
  5. Redemption of the free drinks is at the Causeway Link Counter beside the Bus terminal. The counter is approximately 100 steps away from Platform No. 2.

Recommended bus services I should take from Singapore to enter JB Sentral?

Get connected to Causeway Link JDX from Singapore to get to Desaru Coast.

Singaporeans and other international tourists coming from Woodland Checkpoint do not need to hire a van or use their own car to get to Desaru Coast. They just need to take Causeway Link cross-border buses such as CW1 (from Kranji MRT Station), CW2 (Queen Street Terminal) or CW3 (Newton Circus) buses to get connected to the JB Sentral via the CIQ First Link.

Right after the CIQ First Link, tourists from Singapore will just need to take a few minutes’ walks to the bus bay area at the JB Sentral to get connected to the Causeway Link JDX bus service.


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