Causeway Link Holidays Courier Service

Courier Service

  • All courier service prices include GST charges unless otherwise stated.
  • Cancellation and address changes are not allowed after payment transaction.
  • Details submitted after confirmation is considered final.
  • Causeway Link Holidays Sdn. Bhd. does not in any way (directly or indirectly, independently or in conjunction with any party) own, manage, operate or control the Attractions, Theme Parks & Hotels. As such, please refer to the respective Attractions, Theme Parks & Hotels for specific Rules & Regulations, Terms & Conditions and further details.
  • The Management, its staff and agent(s) will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage of life and property within the Attractions, Theme Parks & Hotels premises.
  • Causeway Link Holidays Sdn. Bhd.’s Terms and Conditions may be updated and/or change from time to time. Please refer to Causeway Link Holidays Head Office at 07-360 2244 or for further details.
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