Causeway Link Holidays Planned Trip Terms and Conditions

Planned Trip Terms and Conditions


These are the General Terms and Conditions which will apply to you when booking any Causeway Link Holidays Planned Trip (herewith referred as “Planned Trip”) within Singapore, Malaysia or both.



These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you as a Customer (“Customer(s)”) and Causeway Link Holidays (herewith referred as “CWLH”) for the service of carriage of your person and luggage on a preferred journey reflected on the itinerary listed on its planned trip.


Planned trip is defined as a package of itineraries created by CWLH  for a visit to a specific places of interests with the use of pre-defined travelling options such as buses, multi-purpose vehicles (MPV), small cars and others. Planned trip is also sometimes referred as “Excursion trip” or “Customized trip”.


CWLH is hereby referred to both Causeway Link Holidays Sdn Bhd and Singapore’s Causeway Link Holidays Pte Ltd.


By purchasing the Planned Trip  within Singapore and Malaysia through the online website of CWLH and its agent, you have unconditionally agreed to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions that outlined, among other things, the refund, exchange and cancellation policy together with certain limitations of liability and disclaimers.








  • Booking date follows the mechanics of each published Planned Trip.


  • Once payment has been successfully processed, you will receive a booking confirmation directly thereafter, usually by email. From this time, CWLH has accepted your booking under the Terms and Conditions. Please ensure your email address is entered correctly at time of booking.


  • Booking made from any authorised Agents of CWLH and its service provider may not enjoy discounts as what CWLH portal is offering for this trip.




  • All Customers are to make sure that there are no errors with regards to the travelling particulars such as the date, time and destination before making the online
  • It must be noted that, pursuant and subject to Section 5 item 5.2 hereunder, mistake or erroneous on the Customers detail will not be an excuse or reason for any refund, cancellation.
  • CWLHwill be preparing the name list of all passengers for any of the Planned Trip as part of the regulations stated by the Immigration office of Singapore and Malaysia depending on the destination of the Planned Trip.



  • CWLH will follow the timing as per stated in the itinerary trip for each planned trip. Delay to reach the destination due to unforeseen circumstances (Example: traffic jam, accident) are not under the responsibility of the Company.
  • The itinerary trip is displayed in each of the planned trip product page of the CWLH website to guide its customers.


  • Some planned trip required inter-country travel (Malaysia and Singapore), hence CWLH will wait for a reasonable time depending on the custom’s officers and the situation at the Immigration Checkpoint bus bay area in both Malaysia and Singapore.


  • Minimum purchase on each of the planned trip may depends on the mechanics of each planned trip.


  • Customer maybe be contacted by CWLH if the planned trip is inclusive of accommodation to confirm the type of room preferred by the customer.


  • Customers are required to make sure that they have all the valid travelling documents required for immigration clearance. CWLH  transportation provider reserves the right to leave and will not be under the obligation to wait if the passenger is not able to complete the immigration clearance process within expected time. The customer is advisable to arrange their own transport to go to their destination (as stated in the itinerary trip) should this situation occur.




  • Since some of the planned trip requires to travel between two countries, a full Passport/ID is required for travelling. Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to be in possession of a Valid Passport/ID (minimum of at least 6 months validity) and any Visa that may be required. Long delays in obtaining Passports/ID Cards and Visas can occur, so be sure to apply well in advance before the date of travelling. If in doubt, please check with your consulates on all the countries you will be visiting or passing through. CWLH  is not liable for any loss or expense suffered if you do not adhere to these requirements.


  • The Customer have a full responsibility for obtaining all such documents, visas and permits prior to the start of the journey, and is solely responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from missing or defective documentations. In the event whereby any of the Customers on that trip on that day is to be held up at the immigration checkpoint for missing or defective documentation, CWLH  has the right to continue the


  • Any form of medicine is strictly not allowed during the trip unless with proper documentation from authorities (Ministry of Health, Immigration offices in both Singapore and Malaysia, recognized doctors, Consulate, etc).


  • Children (below 18 years) must be accompanied by legal guardians or parents before participating in this trip.



  • Cancellation and refund to any of the Planned Trip is not allowed. However, change of passenger is allowed. The person who booked the trip shall notify CWLH’s customer service on his or her replacement for the trip.
  • Customer MUST notify CWLH via email at of his or her replacement for the trip within seven (7) working days before the travelling date.
  • Correct details of the replacement person shall include passengers name, contact information, email address and passport number.
  • CWLH will acknowledge the written communication and send the Customer an amended booking confirmation accordingly.



  • We try to ensure that your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible. However, if you encounter a problem, please inform our customer services or person-in-charged immediately to try and resolve the matter there and then. We also have our Customer Services Support telephone number (+607 360 2244 for Malaysia and +65 6896 4084) which is available before, during and after the actual travelling date and also outside of office hours. You will be asked to put your complaint in writing, including your original booking number and all relevant information. Please send your feedback at


  • Since this is a planned trip, there are instances that Customers maybe accompanying disabled clients, hence, CWLH would like to ensure that all safety and medical attentions to support the disabled customer must be equipped with medical support and medical permit to travel authorised by a registered physician for health and security purposes. Passengers shall also hereby be patient and considerate on other passengers of the trip.






  • There will be some instance that CWLH may need the support of other service provider in case of emergency or additional bus unit for the Planned Trip.



  • There are maybe some circumstances in which CWLH may refuse to board a Customer due to the following conditions:


  • Where a Customer is unable to produce a valid tour package or Itinerary Confirmed Slip from the CWLH with correct name, contact and passport details.


  • Where a Customer is behaving in a manner which may cause property damage or that threatens the comfort and safety of other customers or any other persons on board;


  • Where a Customer is found to be carrying any combustible materials, dangerous substance, illegal drugs or fragile and oversized or overweight luggage;


  • Where the payment of the Planned Trip or package tour was done through fraudulent ways, such as by using a stolen credit card etc.


  • Where the Planned Trip or packaged tour has been purchased from any unauthorized agent or sales counter;


  • If a Customer commits an act causing personal injuries or damage to properties, he/she shall compensate and/or indemnify CWLH and the affected Customers on board for all losses as a consequence of such unruly, reckless and wilful conduct.


  • CWLH may at discretion, before the commencement or during a journey, restrain a Customer, requires such Customer to alight from the excursion bus, or take any other measures as CWLHconsiders necessary to prevent the continuation of certain conduct if the Customer’s conduct is deemed to be offensive or a nuisance and discomfort to other Customers on board, or that the behaviour is in such a way as to constitute a risk to his/her own safety or the safety of other Customers.


  • The Company shall have no further liability, responsibility and claim towards such Customer thereon and vice





  • All Customer shall behave in a reasonable and sensible manner on the bus during the journey. Customers must not be abusive or behave in a threatening manner to other Customers on board or behave in a way which may endanger him/herself, or behave in a manner which may cause discomfort, inconvenience, damage, injury to other Customers, or to take onto the bus any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs for the purpose of consuming them on the bus, or board on a bus whilst under the influence of alcohol or


  • In the event that the Customer commits any of the wrong doings as stipulated herein, CWLH is entitled to exercise its rights as provided under Section 7.




9.1 CWLH  (Malaysia and Singapore office) reserves the right to vary/delay/cancel the Planned  Trip without notice in advance, which CWLH  deemed to be fit and necessary due to the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control and contemplation of the excursion bus service of CWLH  and its other service providers.



  • All Customers are to be fully, entirely and absolutely responsible for their own luggage and belongings, including the loading and unloading of their luggage and belongings at the relevant Immigration Checkpoints (Malaysia <->Singapore trip). CWLH will not be liable for any loss suffered by the Customer in any way even during the provision of the service.
  • All Customers hereby acknowledged that the nature of the service may involve a significant amount of personal risk (risk of travelling). The Customers hereby assumed all such risk and does hereby release CWLH (except when there is an element of negligence, fault and wilful misconduct on the part of CWLH ) from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages or injuries or death resulting from these inherent




  • CWLH will follow the terms and conditions stated under the Management of the places of interests as indicated in the Itineraries shown on each planned trip.


  • Other extra fees that may include may refer as the following:
    • Environmental fee
    • Or any additional fee required by the local government or local authorities.
    • Others (miscellaneous)






  • This Privacy Policy explains the steps needed in securing the Customer personal information from online platform used by CWLH .


  • This Privacy Policy also explains the options regarding the collection, use and disclosure of the Customer’s personal information.


  • This privacy policy applies to the use of CWHLH Website and its online partners to sell CWLH  products and services.


  • CWLH is not responsible for the content or privacy practices on any website not operated by CWLH .








  • Each customer is only allowed to bring on board two (2) medium-sized luggage during the journey, the weight of both luggage must not exceed fifteen (15) kilograms. Extra charges to be determined by the Service Provider shall be applicable if this condition is not complied


  • All Customers are prohibited from bringing pets, regardless of size, onto the excursion bus.


  • Smoking and the consumption of any alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited during the planned trip at all





  • CWLH reserves the right to amend any of these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.


  • CWLH will give notice on its amendment about this terms and conditions by posting the same at its website.




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