The Moscow Circus Malaysia, Puteri Harbour

For over 100 years, Russian circus acts have thrilled audiences around the world with dazzling and jaw-dropping performances packed full of artistry, hilarity and world-class athletic skills.

And now, for the very first time in Malaysia, elite performers from Moscow’s two most famous circus companies – the Bolshoi and the Nikulin – are joining forces to captivate Malaysians on a never-before-seen 8-month nationwide tour! Each performance will feature a two-hour long world-class programme encompassing nearly 40 professional performers guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

The entire performance will take place under a 2,700-seater fully air-conditioned circus Big Top, which will be the largest circus tent to ever exist in Malaysia. Let the show begin!

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What to expect

The Moscow Circus Tour of Malaysia has been made possible through Executive Producers Dato' Sri G Radakrishnan and Mr Yahna SG and their belief that this unique entertainment offering will be one of the events of the year. This special production combines the production expertise of Kenneth Lee, son of the late Paul L.B. Lee, the owner of The Royal London Circus, and Victor Pilipovich, who is one of the top circus artistic agents in the world.

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 Master Juggler – The Incredible Semion Krachinov
One of the most sought-after jugglers in Russia, Semion Krachinov's skills are truly second to none. You'll be caught between trying to keep up with his act and admiring his dashing good looks!

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 The Moscow Circus Clowns – Olga and Lev Zaitsev
These clowning superstars are great fun for both parents and kids, and are sure to amuse with their colourful costumes and zany stunts! They are also the glue that holds the show together, with their fun interludes guiding you from one act to the next.

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 High Wire – The Svezhov Duo
It's nail-biting time! With grace and artistry, the Svezhov Duo perform extremely difficult tricks as high as ten meters in the air, leaving absolutely no room for error.

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 Aerial Straps/Silk – Roman & Natalia
Romance in the air is what you will feel as this beautiful couple perform the graceful but extremely dangerous aerial silk routine.

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 Roller Skaters – The Romanov Duo
One of the top roller skating acrobatic duos in Russia today, the Romanov Duo showcase their incomparable skills with breathtaking and head-spinning speed.

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 Diabolo Spinners – The Romanov Duo
Rarely performed nowadays, the Romanov Duo combine the traditional circus discipline of diabolo spinning with acrobatic skills in a refreshing and eye-catching style.

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 The Russian Swing – The Skokov Troupe
One of the best Russian Swing acts today, the Skokov Troupe have been featured in world-class circus festivals as well as the renowned Cirque du Soleil. Watch as they perform fantastic somersaults and twists while propelled high into the air, bringing the entire program to a incredible crescendo of excitement and thrills!

Illusionists – The Moskalov Duo
Mykhaylo and Lyana from Ukraine are master illusionists. You'll be scratching your head wondering just how they change between beautiful and complex costumes in a flash.

Activity Information

Date: 20th November 2018 – 31st December 2018
Monday: No Show
Tuesday – Friday: 8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 1:00 PM, 4:30 PM & 8:00 PM
Venue: Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya, Johor.

How to redeem

Present Causeway Link Holidays printed receipt / e-receipt to The Moscow Circus Ticket Box Office to redeem.

Term and Condition

The Moscow Circus:

  • 1 ticket admits 1 person ONLY, no sharing seats.
  • Free seating with seats based on a first come, first serve basis.
  • No cancellation or changes allowed once ticket(s) sold.
  • No refund is allowed after a purchase is made.
  • Lost or damage ticket(s) will not be entertained.
  • Strictly NO photo, video and audio recording is allowed.
  • Purchase the ticket from Causeway Link Holidays and bring the confirmation redeem at Ticket Box Office, The Moscow Circus, Iskandar Puteri, Puteri Harbour
  • Customers are recommended to arrive at the venue at least 1 hour before preferred showtime to secure the seats.