How to get Causeway Link’s free WiFi?

Causeway Link provides free WiFi onboard selected buses (CW1,CW2,CW3, CW4, CW5,CW6 & CW7 only) that can be found on LUGO app.

You just have to follow the steps:

Step 1: Download LUGO on App Store or Play Store

After you have installed, please open LUGO App

Step 2: Connect to Causeway Link bot

Tap “More” to add service bot and find Causeway Link service to connect.

Step 3: Tap “Free WiFi on bus” on the livefeed

After that, “Free WiFi on bus” button will show up on screen. Please tap on it.

Step 4: Copy password

Copy the password that is reset daily

Step 4: Look for network and paste the password

Search for “Causeway2.4G” network at the WiFi network page and paste the password.

Now you’re connected to the free WiFi, safe travel and enjoy your trip.

Things to note

  1. Initially, you will need internet connection to access the LUGO app.
  2. Remember to switch on the WiFi function on your device settings to get connected with the Free Wi-Fi.
  3. Complete all the steps before boarding on CW buses to enjoy Free Wi-Fi Service.
  4. The password will be reset daily. If you wish to connect to the free WiFi on a different day, repeat steps 3, 4 & 5.


For more information, please check other FAQs or contact


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