Conditions of Issue and Use of the ManjaLink Stored Value Card



  1. Introduction


1.1        These  Conditions  of  Issue  (the  “Conditions”)  are  effective  from  25  January  2012  and  are binding on all persons to whom or on whose behalf a “ManjaLink Card” (“ManjaLink”) is sold to or acquired (“Card Holders“). Card Holders are advised to read these Conditions carefully.

1.2        The ManjaLink is issued by Handal Indah Sdn. Bhd. (Company No.: 287467-M) (“HISB”), a company incorporated and existing under the laws of Malaysia.

1.3      HISB operates a public bus transportation service between Malaysia and Singapore

(the “Bus Service”). In addition to the Bus Service, HISB is responsible for the

operation of  services pertaining to the use of the ManjaLink (the “ManjaLink

            Service”), including to ensure that the services rendered for purchases made via the

ManjaLink are performed.

1.4     The  ManjaLink  Service  is  provided  on  an  “as  is”  and  “as  available”  basis  and  the Service Providers  (as  defined  below)  shall  not  be  liable  for,  and  make  no  expressed  or  implied representations or warranties in relation to, the ManjaLink Service.

1.5        For the purposes of these Conditions:


Application  Form”  means  the  application  form  to  be  prescribed  by the  Service  Providers from time to time.

Authorised Agent” means an authorised agent or representative of the Service Providers.


Authorised Ticketing Office” means counters or offices operated or authorised by HISB to provide  the  ManjaLink  Service  (including  the  sale  of  the  ManjaLink  or  the  crediting  of  any Travel Credits to a ManjaLink pursuant to these Conditions) at selected terminals.

Card Cost” means the purchase price, as determined by the Service Providers from time to time, for the purchase of a ManjaLink.

Login  Details”  means  the  details  provided  by  a  Card  Holder  during  registration  for  a


personal online account at, such details to include a username and password for the purposes of accessing such online account.

ManjaLink  Reload  Cards” means the cards which contain a one-time activation code that entitles its users to add Travel Credits to a ManjaLink with the value, and via the methods, specified on such cards in accordance with the Conditions herein.

MPL” means ManjaLink Pte.  Ltd.  (Company Registration No.  201134172M),  a  company incorporated and existing under the laws of Singapore.

ManjaLink Website” means the official website in relation to the ManjaLink and the services and operations related thereto, such website being operated and maintained by the Service Providers, the home page of which, unless otherwise notified by the Service Providers or their Authorised Agents, shall be

Service Providers” means HISB and MPL (and “Service Provider” shall refer to either one of such entities).

Stored Value” means the Travel Credits stored in a ManjaLink at any point in time.





Travel  Credits” means the travel credits purchased by, or at the behest of, a Card Holder from an Authorised Agent of which are credited to that Card Holder’s ManjaLink.

Travel Tickets” means the tickets obtained by a Card Holder in exchange for Travel Credits, such tickets to be utilised by customers for the Bus Service.



  1. General Conditions of Use


2.1     The purchase of the ManjaLink or the ManjaLink Reload Cards, or the use thereof by you, shall be deemed to be acceptance by you of these Conditions and any amendments thereto.

2.2       To obtain your ManjaLink, you are required to complete the Application Form and submit it to any Authorised Ticketing Office. You shall, at all times, ensure that the information submitted to the Service Providers and any of their Authorised Agents are accurate and true and you shall take all reasonable endeavours to ensure that such information is updated, whether via the ManjaLink Website or otherwise. You may also register for additional ManjaLink through the ManjaLink Website.

2.3       You shall at all times:


(a)  ensure that you comply with all notices, rules, procedures, instructions and guidelines pertaining to the use of your ManjaLink and ManjaLink Reload Cards as prescribed and issued by the Service Providers from time to time, including any operating rules and/or policies that may be published by HISB from time to time; and

(b)     abide by all applicable laws and regulations relating to the use of your ManjaLink

and ManjaLink Reload Cards.


2.4        Your  ManjaLink  is  valid  at  all  times  unless  it  is  invalidated  or  cancelled  pursuant  to  the Conditions  herein.  Any Authorised Agent shall have the right, acting reasonably, to inspect your ManjaLink at any time, including any data stored within your ManjaLink such as balance of Travel Credits and ticketing information.

2.5    HISB shall be responsible in ensuring that the ManjaLink Service is operated with reasonable care, skill and diligence. If you discover any discrepancies in the usage of  your ManjaLink, you should contact us by submitting a support ticket via “” with details of the discrepancy.

2.6     You may at any time present and return your ManjaLink at any Authorised Ticketing Office for the purposes of being refunded the Stored Value in your ManjaLink. HISB reserves the right to impose charges for the termination of  your ManjaLink in accordance  with the Conditions herein.

2.7        You must not tamper with the ManjaLink (including, but not limited to, the software and the data recorded on the ManjaLink) and ManjaLink Reload Cards in any manner. The Service Providers or their Authorised Agents shall not be required to honour transactions, or refund any Stored Value (where applicable), if your ManjaLink (or ManjaLink Reload Card) has been tampered with in any manner.





  1. Obtaining and Using your ManjaLink


3.1        At the time of purchase of your ManjaLink:


(a)      any Authorised Agent is entitled to collect from the Card Holder an amount representing and in consideration of the Card Cost; and

(b)      the  Card  Holder  is  required  to  purchase  a  minimum  amount  of  Travel  Credits  to  be determined by the Service Providers from time to time.


3.2      You  are  advised  to  examine  your  ManjaLink  (or  your  ManjaLink  Reload  Card,  where applicable) and/or any change tendered immediately upon the completion of any transaction (including the purchase of your ManjaLink or your ManjaLink Reload Card or the crediting of Travel  Credits  to  your  ManjaLink)  whether  at  any  Authorised  Ticketing  Office  or  at  the premises of  a Service Provider or an  Authorised Agent. The Service Providers and/or their Authorised Agents shall not be liable for any error or omission not drawn to their attention at the time of such transaction or immediately thereafter.

3.3        Your ManjaLink allows you to:


  • purchase and accumulate Travel Credits which can be used in exchange for

Travel Tickets; and


(b)        record the “purchase” of Travel Tickets, which may entitle you to rebates (or any other benefits, privileges or incentives as may be determined by the Service Providers from time  to  time)  if  you  satisfy  certain  usage  targets  (to  be  determined  by  the  Service Providers from time to time) which are calculated at the end of each month or at such other time at the discretion of the Service Providers. To be entitled to such rebates (or any other benefits, privileges or incentives as the case may be), you are required to present your ManjaLink prior to the purchase of your Travel Ticket.

3.4       Notwithstanding  the  payment  by  you  of  the  Card  Cost,  your  ManjaLink  shall  at  all  times remain the exclusive property of the Service Providers.

3.5       Your ManjaLink shall expire if it is not utilized for a consecutive period of six (6)

months. Upon such expiry, you may top up your ManjaLink to reactive your ManjaLink


3.6       The  Service  Providers  or  any  of  their  Authorised  Agents,  may  at  their  discretion,  acting reasonably, not permit the use of any ManjaLink where:

(a)      such ManjaLink is suspected of being a counterfeit, stolen, tampered with or had been issued fraudulently;

(b)      the Stored Value within such ManjaLink was fraudulently or illegally credited or altered; or


(c)      such ManjaLink is otherwise faulty, damaged or invalid for use by the Card Holder.



3.7        Cancellation and Refund


(a) You may cancel your ManjaLink at any time by sending us an online request through the Manjalink Website (

(b) Upon cancellation, refund will be processed if the remaining Stored Value is more than RM10.

(c) A handling fee of RM10 (inclusive of 6% SST) will be deducted from the Stored Value of your Manjalink.

(d) The remaining Stored Value (after the handling fee is deducted) will be refunded and credited to your designated bank account within approximately 45 working days.

(e) We reserved the right to reject your cancellation and refund request if any information provided by you in the cancellation form is untrue, inaccurate and incomplete.

(f) In the event if your cancellation and refund request is rejected, you may resubmit another request and the remaining Stored Value (after the handling fee is deducted) will be credited to your designated bank account within 45 working days from the date of your resubmission.





  1. Adding Value to ManjaLink


4.1        In order to utilise your ManjaLink to obtain Travel Tickets, you are required to purchase Travel Credits for a fee to be notified by the Service Providers from time to time. Such purchases can be made:


(a)      at any Authorised Ticketing Office;


(b)      by way of the ManjaLink Reload Cards; or


(c)      by such other means as determined and notified by the Service Providers from time to time; or

(d)      through the Manjalink Website (; or

(e)      by the Lugo App.



4.2        ManjaLink  Reload  Cards  can  be  purchased  from  those  Authorised  Ticketing  Offices  or Authorised  Agents  which  are  listed  on  the  ManjaLink  Website.  Upon  the  activation  of  the relevant  code  found  on  such  ManjaLink  Reload  Cards  via  the  prescribed  methods  stated thereon (such methods to  include  activation  via  the  ManjaLink Website),  you  may then tap your ManjaLink to be credited with the relevant Travel Credits at any of the designated self- service stations in order for such Travel Credits to be credited into that ManjaLink.


4.3        A fee (as determined by the Service Providers from time to time) may be imposed for utilising services  to  credit  Travel  Credits  to  your  ManjaLink. Kindly note  that  Authorised  Agents  will only credit Travel Credits to your ManjaLink where the Travel Credits to be credited:

(a)      is above a minimum amount; and


(b)      are in multiples of a specified amount,


where such amounts will be notified by the Service Providers from time to time.


4.4        Kindly  note  that  Authorised  Agents  will  not  offer  you  any  discounts,  rebates,  benefits, privileges or incentives to purchase Travel Credits for your ManjaLink or ManjaLink Reload Cards unless as part of an official promotion authorised by the Service Providers. You should not attempt to purchase Travel Credits or ManjaLink Reload Cards if you have any suspicion that the Authorised Agent may not be so authorised.

4.5        The Service Providers or their Authorised Agents will not honour any Travel Credits credited to  your  ManjaLink  by  any  means  not  authorised  by  the  Service  Providers  under  these Conditions (including any Travel Credits or ManjaLink Reload Cards credited or sold to you (where  applicable)  from  agents,  representatives  or  persons  not  authorised  by  the  Service Agents to perform such transactions) or through any means which is or may be reasonably considered  to  be  unlawful.  The  Service  Providers  or  their  Authorised  Agents  shall  not  be responsible to you for any ManjaLink Reload Card which cannot be used by you pursuant to these Conditions (including where any ManjaLink Reload Card obtained by you is considered by the Service Providers or their Authorised Agents, acting reasonably, to be unauthentic or purchased or acquired via unauthorised means).





  1. Determination of Value in a ManjaLink


5.1        Any determination  of  the Stored Value by the  Service Providers or their Authorised Agents shall, save for any manifest error, be final, conclusive and binding against the Card Holder.



  1. ManjaLink Online System


6.1        You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your online username and password (“Login   Details“).  You  shall  at  all  times  take  reasonable  precautions  to  prevent  any unauthorised or fraudulent use of your Login Details.

6.2        You  agree  to  accept  responsibility  for  all  activities  that  occur  under  your  ManjaLink  online account. You should notify us immediately if you have any reason to believe that your Login Details have become known to anyone else, or if the Login Details are being, or are likely to be, used in an unauthorised manner.



  1. Loss and damage of your ManjaLink and ManjaLink Reload Card


7.1        You  shall  use  all  precautions  to  prevent  and  safeguard  your  ManjaLink  (and  ManjaLink Reload Card) against loss, damage, theft and any unauthorised use. Such unauthorised use shall include any manipulation, copying, reverse-engineering, tampering with or modification of the same.

7.2        Each of MPL, HISB and the Authorised Agents are not responsible for any financial losses incurred  due  to  the  loss  of  a  ManjaLink  (or  ManjaLink  Reload  Card)  and  are  under  no obligation whatsoever to prevent the use of a lost ManjaLink (or ManjaLink Reload Card) by any person other than the Card Holder.

7.3        The Service Providers have the right to recover all direct and indirect costs, expenses, losses and  damages  suffered  or  incurred  by  the  Service  Providers  as  a  result  of  your  altering  or interfering, or permitting a third party to alter or interfere, with the data on your ManjaLink.

7.4        You are required to co-operate with the Service Providers or any of their Authorised Agents and, if appropriate, the police or any other regulatory or public authority, in recovering  your ManjaLink  if  it  is  lost  or  stolen  or  if  there  are  reasonable  grounds  to  suspect  suspicious behaviour.

7.5        If your ManjaLink or ManjaLink Reload Card becomes faulty or damaged, you are required to bring  your  ManjaLink  or  ManjaLink  Reload  Card  (as  the  case  may  be)  to  any  Authorised Ticketing Office in order to obtain a replacement ManjaLink or ManjaLink Reload Card (where applicable). Upon confirmation by a Service Provider or any of their Authorised Agents that the faulty or damaged ManjaLink or ManjaLink Reload Card (where applicable) was due to no fault or negligence on your part:





(a)      in respect of a ManjaLink, you will be issued with a new ManjaLink and your account will  be  credited  with  the  amount  due  to  you  (as  determined  at  the  discretion  of  any Authorised Agent). Any Stored Value within the faulty or damaged ManjaLink shall be transferred to your newly issued ManjaLink without any additional fee; and

(b)      in  respect  of  a  ManjaLink  Reload  Card,  you  will be  presented  with  a  new  ManjaLink


Reload Card of similar or equivalent value.



  1. Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity


8.1        Notwithstanding  anything  to  the  contrary  stipulated  herein,  the  Service  Providers  or  their Authorised Agents shall not be liable to you or any third party authorised by you or making such claim on your behalf for any loss, damage, expenses, claims, injury, whether direct or indirect, that you may incur or suffer in connection with:


(a)      the issue or use of (or inability to use) the ManjaLink or ManjaLink Reload Card by you or any Card Holder;

(b)      any delay, suspension or discontinuance in the issuance of the ManjaLink or ManjaLink


Reload Card;


(c)      any  malfunction,  unauthorised  use,  or  defect  in  the  ManjaLink  or  ManjaLink  Reload


Card or any part thereof;


(d)      any  upgrading,  modification  or  maintenance  works  by  the  Service  Providers  or  their agents or representatives to the ManjaLink Service;

(e)      withdrawals of any benefits, privileges or incentives conferred upon a Card Holder by the Service Providers at any time; or

(f)       any act or omission beyond the control of the Service Providers.


8.2        You agree to indemnify the Service Providers and/or their Authorised Agents against any loss, damage,  expenses,  claims,  injury,  demands  (including  any  legal  fees)  which  may result  or which the Service Providers and/or their Authorised Agents may incur in connection with or arising  from  the  provision  of  the  ManjaLink  Service  to  you  as  a  result  of  any  fault  or negligence on your part.




  1. Amendments


9.1        The Service Providers may, from time to time, at their absolute discretion, amend any of these Conditions. Any such amendments will be notified to you by way of a notice on the ManjaLink Website, at each Authorised Ticketing Office, the premises of the Service Providers and their Authorised Agents and any such other premises to be determined by HISB or MPL.





  1. Partial Invalidity


10.1      If,  at  any  time,  any  provision  within  these  Conditions  is  or  becomes  illegal,  invalid  or unenforceable  in  any  respect  under  any  law  of  any  jurisdiction,  the  legality,  validity  or enforceability  of  such  provision  or  the  remaining  provisions  under  the  law  of  any  other jurisdiction shall not in any way be affected or impaired.




  1. No waiver


11.1      No failure or delay on the part of the Service Providers or any of their Authorised Agents in exercising any right or remedy pursuant to these Conditions shall operate as a waiver of such right or remedy. The rights and remedies provided in these Conditions are cumulative and are not exclusive of any other rights or remedies provided by law.




  1. Personal Data


12.1      HISB  shall  have  the  right  to  use  your  personal  data  and  information  for  the  purpose  of operating the ManjaLink Service including but not limited to the transfer of personal data and information to related companies, subsidiaries and outsourcing partners of HISB.

12.2      By accepting these Conditions, you agree that HISB and its subsidiaries or related companies are  permitted  to  share  and  use  your  personal  data  and  information  for  the  purposes  of operating the ManjaLink Service in accordance with applicable laws.




  1. Other terms


13.1      In the event of any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the meaning between the English texts of these Conditions and such text  provided  in  any other language, the  text  in  English  shall prevail.

13.2      Clause 6 (ManjaLink Online System), Clause 8 (Exclusion of Liability and Indemnity), Clause


12  (Personal  Data)  and  Clause  15  (Governing  Law)  shall  survive  the  termination  of  this




13.3      All notices, requests and/or other communications to be given by you to the Service Providers shall be made via the prescribed methods found at





  1. Entire Agreement


14.1      These Conditions  constitute the  entire  agreement between  the  Service  Providers and  each Card  Holder  in  relation  to  the  subject  matter  stipulated  herein  and  supersedes  all  other previous agreements, understandings, terms and conditions, representations and warranties relating to the same unless otherwise notified to you by the Service Providers.




  1. Governing Law


15.1      The  construction,  validity  and  performance  of  these  Conditions  shall  be  governed  and construed  by  the  laws  of  Malaysia.  The  Service  Providers  and  each  Card  Holder  hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.


9 January 2020 updated.


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