Causeway Link Vaccination Travel Lane (Land Transport)

Terms and Conditions of Causeway Link Vaccination Travel Lane (Land Transport)

These are the Terms and Conditions which will apply to you when purchasing the Electronic-Bus Ticket (“E-Bus Ticket(s)”) with Causeway Link.

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you as a Passenger (“Customer(s)”) and the Service Provider (Causeway Link), for the service of carriage of your person and luggage under the vaccination Travel Lane (VTL) land Scheme between Singapore and Malaysia. By purchasing the E-Bus Ticket (bus summary) through the Online platform operated by the company, you have unconditionally agreed to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions that outlined, among other things, the refund, exchange and cancellation policy together with certain limitations of liability and disclaimers.

      1. The booking of Causeway Link VTL bus tickets is via the official website of Causeway Link (
      2. The passenger named on the E-Bus Ticket (bus summary) including minors and person under a disability (through lawful guardian) have accepted to be bound by these Terms and Conditions herein contained.
      3. An online payment by the passenger will be accepted by the company and thereafter the passenger needs to print out the E-Bus Ticket as a confirmation of their purchase. It is at this point that a contract between the Causeway Link and the passenger comes into existence.
      4. All passenger details must be correct at the at the point of booking / reservations.
      1. All passengers are to make sure that there are no errors with regards to the travelling particulars such as name, passport details, date and time before making the online payment.
      2. It must be noted that, pursuant to the presented Frequently Asked Questions of this VTL, mistake or error will not be an excuse or reason for any refund, cancellation or exchanging of their travelling date and time etc.
      3. Once a slot is booked, any request for refund or transfer of passenger’s details is not allowed.
      1. All passengers must present their printed bus tickets together with those other requirement needed under the vaccination Travel Lane land scheme.
      2. Passengers boarding from Larkin Sentral Bus terminal need to exchange their bus ticket to a boarding pass at counters 1-4 before heading at the check in process for VTL.
      3. Each passenger must have one boarding pass or bus ticket to show during bus boarding.
      1. Children must be accompanied by and under the supervision of fully vaccinated adults at all times. Children under the age of Seven (7) are required to follow the guidelines of the VTL land Scheme.
      2. For passenger below 0 years old, their travelling details must be accompanied with valid passport to allowed to aboard the bus.
      1. All tickets purchased under Vaccination Travel Lane are strictly not allowed for refund, exchange of passenger’s details.
      2. Once a VTL bus tickets is cancelled by the user, the slot cannot be claimed back by the same passenger.
      3. Passengers are free to cancel their VTL Bus Ticket at their own discretion; however, there will not be any entitlement for and right to any refund. The primary policy under this VTL is that once a ticket is sold, it is non-refundable, non-transferrable under any circumstances.
      1. In the event that the VTL land scheme is terminated following the guidelines from the authorities, passengers may request for refund or utilize the said amount (in travel credits) to book for another trip or use it to purchase any Causeway Link products and service within 730 days (two years). The refunds can only be made directly to the ticket holder when submitting the request to avoid any dispute.
      2. For any case of refunds under clause 6a, the company shall be entitled to set off and deduct any applicable transaction and/or admin fee from the Sales Amount and disburse the balance to the passenger.
      3. Passengers are allowed to change their details only once.
      4. All passengers are to be fully, entirely and absolutely responsible for their own luggage and belongings, including the loading and unloading of their luggage and belongings at the relevant arrival destination or custom checkpoint, where applicable. The Service Provider will not be liable for any loss suffered by the passenger in any way whatsoever even during the provision of the Service.
      5. All passengers hereby acknowledged that the nature of the Service may involve a significant amount of personal risk (risk of travelling). The passengers hereby assumed all such risk and does hereby release the Service Provider (except when there is an element of gross negligence, fault and willful misconduct on the part of the Service Provider) from all claims and causes of action arising from any damages or injuries or death resulting from these inherent risks.
      6. The safety of everyone is our main priority. We need to keep within the quota and ensure that everyone can travel safely during these difficult times.
      1. The circumstances in which the Service Provider may refuse boarding to a passenger include, but are not limited to, any of the following circumstances: –
        • Where a passenger is unable to produce a valid Boarding Ticket;
        • Where a passenger arrives later than the scheduled departure time but before the departure of the bus/vehicle and his/her seat has been allocated to another passenger;
        • Where a passenger is behaving in a manner which may cause property damage or that threatens the comfort and safety of other passenger or any other persons on board;
        • Where a passenger is found to be carrying any combustible materials, dangerous substance, illegal drugs or fragile and/or oversized/ overweight luggage;
        • Where the passenger is not in the list of passengers according to the service providers way bill
        • Where the ticket has been purchased from any unauthorized agent or sales counter or platform
        • Where the E-Bus Ticket is found to be forged during the collection of the Boarding Ticket;
        • Where the Boarding Ticket is found to be forged when boarding;
        • Where the travelling particulars on the ticket has been illegally altered/modified;
        • Where a passenger is deemed to be medically unfit to travel and may pose a health threat to other passenger on board.
      2. If a passenger commits an act causing personal injuries or damage to properties, he/she shall compensate and/or indemnify the Service Provider and the affected passenger on board for all losses as a consequence of such unruly, reckless and willful conduct.
      3. The Service Provider may at discretion, before the commencement or during a journey, restrain a passenger, requires such passenger to alight from the bus/vehicle, or take any other measures as the Service Provider considers necessary to prevent the continuation of certain conduct if the passenger’s conduct is deemed to be offensive or a nuisance and discomfort to other passengers on board, or that the behavior is in such a way as to constitute a risk to his/her own safety or the safety of other passenger. The Service Provider shall have no further liability, responsibility and claim towards such passenger thereon and vice versa.
      1. All passenger shall behave in a reasonable and sensible manner on the bus/vehicle during a journey. Passenger must not be abusive or behave in a threatening manner to other passenger on board or behave in a way which may endanger him/herself, or behave in a manner which may cause discomfort, inconvenience, damage, injury to other passengers, or to take onto the bus any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs for the purpose of consuming them on the bus, or board on a bus whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
      2. In the event a passenger commits any of the wrong doings as stipulated herein, the Service Provider is entitled to exercise its rights as provided under Section 7-3.
      1. The Service Provider reserves the right to vary/delay/cancel the Service without notice in advance, which the Service Provider deemed to be fit and necessary due to the occurrence of circumstances beyond the control and contemplation of the Service Provider.
      1. The Service Provider will not be responsible in any way whatsoever for any delay in arriving to a destination cause by traffic jams, road accidents, or some other unexpected and unavoidable events.
    11. OTHERS
      1. All passengers must be in possession of all the necessary travelling documents such as, valid passports required for entry and/or departure (passports must be valid for 6 months past the return date), identification cards, all visas, permits and certificates including vaccination certificates, insurance policies, required for the whole of the journey (where applicable, for Malaysia <-> Singapore route). The passenger have full responsibility for obtaining all such documents, visas and permits prior to the start of the journey, and is solely responsible for any adverse consequences resulting from missing or defective documentations. In the event any passenger is to be held up at the immigration checkpoint for missing or defective documentation, the Service Provider has the right to continue the journey.
      2. Each passenger is only allowed to bring on board Two (2) medium-sized luggage during the journey, the weight of both luggage must not exceed Fifteen (15) Kilograms. Extra charges to be determined by the Service Provider shall be applicable if this condition is not complied with.
      3. All passengers are prohibited from bringing pets, regardless of size, onto the bus/vehicle.
      4. Smoking and the consumption of any alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on the bus/vehicle at all times.
      5. Eating and drinking are strictly not allowed on the bus and wearing a face mask is required throughout the journey.
      6. Passengers are strictly not allowed to change their bus seat during their cross-border journey.
      7. All incoming passengers should be advised to declare truthfully on their SG Arrival Card with electronic Health Declaration (SGAC/eHDC). Passengers who are subsequently found to have made a false declaration on their SGAC/eHDC will be liable for prosecution under the Infectious Disease Act (IDA).
      1. The contest of this terms and condition may subject to change form time to time without prior notice.

Last update: 6 Jan 2022

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