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  1. How many days is my bus pass valid for?
    • 2 Days(48 hours) & 3 Days(72 hours) respectively upon the first tap.
  2. How much does it cost?
    1. No credit (Does not work like ManjaLink Card)
    2. 2 Days Bus Pass is RM55 or SGD20
    3. 3 Days Bus Pass is RM80 or SGD28
  3. Where can I get my own Travel Bus Pass?
    1. Available at all Causeway Link Counters:
      1. Singapore
        1. IMM Mall (02-62, Level 2, - Directly above Burger King)
      2. Johor
        1. Giant Nusa Bestari (Ground Floor)
        2. JB Sentral
        3. KSL City Mall- Main entrance
        4. Gelang Patah Sentral- UG2/3
        5. Senai Airport
        6. CIQ 1st Link
        7. Mall of Medini
    2. For Online Purchases and/or more details on counter opening hours, please visit our website HERE
  4. What other benefit do I receive with the bus pass?
    1. Unlimited ride on selected Causeway Link Buses
      1. Cross Border Service (Singapore): CW1, CW2, CW3, CW4, CW4S, CW5, CW6
      2. SL Route: JPO1, S1, LM1
      3. Transit Route to Singapore: 666, CWL, CW3L, CW7L, CW4G, CW3S
    2. Easy access to Johor theme parks, places of interest & popular shopping malls
    3. Hassle-free cross border service (Johor Bahru & Singapore)
    4. Convenient: One cashless card for all your travelling needs
    5. Future promotions: Enjoy attractive promotions & discount vouchers
  5. Can I renew my expired Bus Pass?
    • No. Bus Pass is for one time use only
  6. Can I get a replacement if the card is lost?
    • No. Lost card will not be replaced
  7. Will I get a replacement if the card is spoil?
    • Yes. If the card is spoil due to system error, it will be replaced. However, the validity will be counted from the first successful tap
  8. What if the bus card reader machine breaks down or not able to read the card?
    • If the card cannot be read, customer need to pay for the fare. Keep the receipt then proceed to the nearest Causeway Link counter to report the problem, or call our customer service hotline: +607- 360 2244 for further assistance
  9. Can I share my bus pass?
    • No. One Bus Pass is valid for one pax only
  10. What are the other Disclaimer of this card?
    1. If card is wet or defective, it won’t be usable
    2. If during payments, the card is either wet or defected, exchange can still be made
    3. If card has already been used, no exchange will be made
    4. A clear Travel Bus Pass card cover will be provided but without any seal
  11. What time is the first and last bus timing?
    • First Bus 5:30am depends on the route
    • Last Bus 11:30pm depends on the route
  12. Can I use the Bus Pass in Johor Bahru & Singapore?
    • Yes. The Bus Pass can be used on all Causeway Link bus services in Johor Bahru and Singapore
  13. Does the Bus Pass be converted as ManjaLink Card
    • No