Our Mission
To deliver public bus transportation system which is as convenient, safe and comfortable as private transport for all Malaysians

Our Vision
Deliver on our founding promise through a focus on operational excellence in service delivery and the development of world-class commuter facilities.

Our Core Values
Our core values are our guiding force, and it is these values that we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves to serve our customers. Our core values can be represented by the five letter mnemonic D.R.I.V.E

Drive in our approach
To be committed and driven in our approach in our work, displaying a high level of effort and commitment towards our work
Respect in the workplace
To work as a team in our workplace, and understand that we depend on each other to inspire, motivate and guide each other towards achieving our goals
Integrity and honesty
To instill trust and confidence, we need to uphold a high level of honesty and integrity as well as practice open communication with each other
Value the customer
To always put our customers first, each of us should make the most of every opportunity to satisfy and bring delight to our customers
To continuously work towards improving our processes to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of service delivery to pass this on to customers